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Adam Thrower by Crystal Enterprises Ltd



From:                              adam thrower
Sent:                               30 July 2012 13:25
To:                                   Crystal Enterprises Ltd.
Subject:                          RE: Testimonial
I have an Intex 15ft round 4ft deep salt-water frame pool, containing around 16800 litres of water, fitted with a standard Intex Solar pool cover, an Intex 1600gallon/h sand filter/pump and an Intex stand-alone Chlorinator.

Before purchasing a Heat Pump I was running a 6kw Electric heater, which consumed around £22 electricity every 24 hours and would take over 3 days to heat my pool to 27 °C which then would need leaving on 24/7 to maintain this temperature, so it was time for a change, after a lot of research I decided to go with a Heat Pump as my new form of heating, I spent a couple of weeks ringing round and contacting suppliers, receiving widely varied advice and widely varied price ranges, then I spoke to Garry at Crystal Enterprises Ltd.

I found he was very pleasant to talk to and after keeping him on the phone for an hour or so he answered all my questions in plain English, because of his approachability and professionalism I decided to purchase an 8.5kw Heat Pump as he advised me to do, well I am so glad I did, the heat pump was a 'steal' at a fraction of the cost the majority of suppliers were quoting me, the heater arrived the very next day packaged in a very sturdy crate type reinforced box, Garry even supplied me with the water pipe reducers free of charge to enable direct fitting to my Intex pool, the Heat Pump was virtually plug and play, just needing an electricity supply and the water pipes connecting.

Now I have my pool sitting at 32°C constantly and my children have even been swimming in the pool whilst it was raining, they think it's fabulous they can get in the pool now regardless of whether the sun is shining or not, the heat pump easily manages to heat my pool, running overnight and switching itself off by morning after reaching the set temperature, the heat pump uses around £3 of electricity at my tariff for the 12 hours it runs overnight which equates to roughly an 86% electricity saving on my old 6kw electric heater, furthermore, one of my friends is an on-site air conditioning mechanic, he inspected the Heat Pump for me and advised the unit seemed to be well built for the price with quality manufacturers branded parts used, such as the compressor being the Panasonic brand.

To sum up, great purchase, great company, quality product with excellent customer advice at a fraction of competitors prices.

Very happy all round, thank you Garry

Mr A Thrower



This article was published on Wednesday 15 August, 2012.
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