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Badu Jet Perla - MultiColoured LED "3" phase











Over the wall unit

Badu Jet Perla - MultiColoured LED "3" phase


**All units are available in Single phase or Three phase except the "Stella" which is available in Three phase only.**



The sporty and elegant design of the new overhang counter swim units afford a stylish and eye catching detail to every pool.

Made of high-grade plastic, the housing offers excellent resistance and robust properties. A special coating creates an execptionally bright white glossy finish that increases scratch resistance and provides outstanding UV stability and chemical resistance. From a functional perspective, the smooth, dirt-repellant surface also ensures that the new unit will stay looking at its best for years to come.

Our three new overhang counter swim units are suitable for all In-Ground pools. For Above Ground pools, a telescopic support offers the necessary stability. A hand-priming pump is included and ensures easy handling for one-off de-aeration and filling of the unit in the spring or during commissioning.

The nozzles of the three new overhang systems can be pivoted around 600 in all directions. The nozzles also control the flow volume. By adjusting the power switch, sparkling air bubbles can be introduced into the flow. Asecond switch activates the atmospheric LED lighting that is built-in to every system. Customers have a choice between either "White" or "Multicoloured" lighting.

To complete the package:

Massage hoses and attachments are available as optional accessories.

These can be seen at this link:




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