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Blue & Silver ROUND - 3.5 x 1.20m














 Different colour effects for the pool structure and decorative choices available


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**Above ground pond/pools**

The Manufacturer "WILL NOT" warranty these pools for "In-Ground" use. Should customer choose to do so, it is at the buyers own risk.

We have added this "In-Ground build" link/presentation in case the buyer decides to build the pool in-ground and wants to know how best to build, especially keeping the weight of the surrounding land off the pool walls and to insulate.

**Bearing in mind again, that an in-ground use is at the customers own risk.**

To "help you" with a "similar pool" In-Ground build, please click to see this presentation.


Click to see a "U" Tube presentation


Please note - Should be with you 8 working days after your order (should we have no stock)

"BUT" To avoid disappointment in case of any courier problems, please allow 2 - 4 weeks delivery for these products.


  The liner is of a tough UV resistant pvc and is beautifully finished They come complete with all the equipment necessary to build the pool, all you have to do is add water.

The complete kit includes the following: - pool wall construction kit - liner in plain blue - sand filter and pump or cartridge filter depending on pool size - steel ladders or steel with platform.


  Instruction Manual ROUND POOL


Blue & Silver ROUND -

3.5 x  1.20m

Ref - 8232