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CC70604 - Solar & Ambient panel









CC70604 - Solar & Ambient panel.

Heat the *GREEN WAY*.


This is an "ACE" product in our opinion.

We have been searching for a product like this for some years and here it is at last.

The tubing in the actual panel is not hose but a moulded "RIGID" plastic so much more substantial we feel.



Remember to always use a solar cover on your pool.


England Mainland shipping only.

Please ask for other shipping area quotes.


 It "IS"  advisable to use a diverter kit

IF USING 2" (60 or 63mm O/d pipe work) Pipe work

(NOT INCLUDED) on this item?


There is no need to divert flow if on 1.5" or 1.25" pipe work or flexi tubing for this product.

All depending on whether your pool plumbing is plumbed with rigid pipe work or flexible tubing at an extra cost you "may" want/need these items for the

diverter kit: -

  • A solvent or threaded 3-way valve.
  • 3 x hosetails (threaded or solvent 1.5" or 1.25").
  • 1 x "T" connector.
  • 1 x P.T.F.E. Tape.
  • 3 x hosetails (threaded or solvent 1.5" or 1.25").
  • 6 x appropriate sized Jubilee clips (1.25" or 1.5").