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Deluxe Starter Kit 12`-15`










Deluxe Pool Starter Kit


Pool Size: 12-15ft in diameter

A chemical starter kit for larger above ground pools which are going to be in use for a long period. Our kits contain both chlorine granules and tablets. The tablets are placed in a floating dispenser allowing them to dissolve slowly giving a constant small dose of chlorine. The granules are used to shock the water if it has gone off after being left or heavy usage. This kit contains the same as the large kit plus algaecide to prevent algae build up and sparkle flocculant to keep your pool water crystal clear
The kit contains:
  • 1kg stabilised chlorine granules
  • 2.5 kg stabilised chlorine tablets
  • 1 kg pH plus
  • 1 kg pH minus
  • One Large floating dispenser
  • 4 way free chlorine test strips (50 strips)
  • Laminated instructions on how to look after your pool
  • 1 litre Algaecide
  • 1 litre Sparkle Flocculant

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