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Dolphin 2 x 2









Dolphin 2 x 2

 New Gyro system for improved scanning accuracy and pool coverage efficiency.

Recommended fo pools up to 25m in length. cleans pool floor, walls and waterline. Cycle time 4, 6, 8 hours, cable length 40m + swivel. 2 filter bags. New remote control manual maneuvering, adjustable ceaning programmers and parameters.

Not requiring installation. Inferior filtration system does not require any external filters or pumps. Operates only on 24 V. Operates with built-in power supply. Handles more than 37,850 l/h. Fitted with impulse and pump motors. Filtration efficency of 2 microns. Algae can be removed.

Fitted with remote control. Infa-red system for avoiding obstacles. For up to 25x60 m pools. 40 metres cable.

 We will supply all the brushes with this item.


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