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Infra Panel Package 3









Infra panel

Infrared panels can be used to speed up the heating of a sauna room. The radiation works immediately, so you can start to relax on the sauna benches as soon as you wish, without first having to wait for the sauna heater to warm up the air. This is where Tylö’s individual infrapanels come into their own. Install as many as you need for your sauna room. Tylö infra-panels are top-quality constructions, each with its own on/off switch, inbuilt thermostat and dependable temperature cut-off for safety and peace of mind. They are also stylishly designed with wooden trim in alder and aspen to match the colour of the sauna room walls.


To suit Cabin Infra Panel Package 3

panel size 5 x 925mm

Includes the TS-Infra control panel.

Cabin models listed can be used with infra red heating panels either instead of or as well as the electric heater included in the cabin price.




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Infra-Red Option
Infra 710_925_1070 Infra package




Would you like to invest in the feel good factor?

Reap the dividends of good health and vitality year after year?

Simple! Invest in a sauna. More than just an opportunity to enjoy a variety of bathing options whenever you want, you''ll also acquire a place to relax with family and friends.Your own personal refuge from the stress and worries of the world.

Planning a sauna as part of your new home or a renovation project is simple. Space is rarely a problem. And, if you let us at Tylö manufacture and supply your sauna as a prefabricated self-assembly package, installing it is simpler still. We offer a complete range of prefabricated saunas in all shapes and sizes - from compact home-bathroom models to large, exclusive facilities for hotel suites or corporate representation.

We also give you a choice of fittings and equipment. If you have special requirements that aren''t covered by our standard range, our skilled craftsmen are ready and willing to build you a fully customised sauna room, individually adapted to your wishes as regards size and design. After all, we have a reputation to maintain.

It''s not for nothing that Tylö is widely acclaimed as the world''s leading sauna manufacturer.

QUALITY ADVANTAGES Selected timbers – a proper sauna requires the proper wood. Tylö uses only genuine timber of the very highest quality.

Robust construction – Tylö saunas are built to cope with all types of bathing climate. Effective insulation with mineral wool in wall and ceiling sections and heat-resistant polyester seals. Perfect fit every time makes assembling walls, ceiling and fittings simple and straight forward. Glazed wall sections give a sensation of space inside the sauna and keep bathers in touch with what is going on outside.

Tempered safety glass for extra security in all glazed surfaces. Perfect ventilation with air supply and exhaust air vents placed in accordance with the Tylö principle. This makes use of the laws of physics to spread heat naturally and create different temperature zones in the sauna. Broad, comfortable benches in solid wood with a sturdy construction and velvet smooth surfaces. Contoured backrests enhance comfort in the sauna and help tired muscles to relax. Elegant skirting panels screen off the gaps between benches. Subdued lighting with light fittings concealed behind backrests or lampshades.

Prepared for simple electrical installation – conduits in the wall sections make electrical installation work quick and easy. The best sauna doors – Tylö has a wide choice of alternatives, all built to cope with the huge differences in temperatures inside and outside the sauna without warping or becoming deformed.


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