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Date received - 10/12/2011 - 1127hrs
Hi Garry
              Nice to hear from you.
I think there figures look good .You must have some seriously happy customers 
You have to be aware that the running condition will vary depending on age of unit to service intervals and how clean the coil is kept also outside temp all are relevant to power consumption.
If the coils is dirty and out side temp is low this will increase the power consumption 
As in Cyprus my pool is 8 mtr x 4 mtr x 2 mts deep really i would think my 5 kw unit is too small 
but when outside is never really lower than 22c it works no problem and off of a 13 amp socket ? 
over 2 days [not nights ] the pool temp rose from 19c to 25c which make it comfortable to swim in     
I would not like to dampen your spirit but even the top spec machines can not get above 5 cop so i would suspect there must be some variables in there some where.  

Regards Jeff Simon
Active Air

This article was published on Wednesday 23 May, 2012.
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