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The Mechanics of Your Pool by Crystal Enterprises Ltd


The Mechanics of Your Pool




Equipment specifications vary widely from one pool to another; however, the vast majority of Above Ground Pools will share the same basic mechanics:

Pool water is drawn from your swimming pool via an outlet, usually a surface skimmer, by your pool circulation pump. The circulating water is then pumped through the filter (either a Cartridge Filter or Sand Filter). Suspended particles of debris will be

trapped during this process. If your pool incorporates a heating system, the filtered water is then passed through a heater before being returned to the pool via a return inlet.

To enable your filtration system to operate efficiently it is essential that you carry out the following tasks on a regular basis:

1. Regularly remove any debris that has collected in your pools skimmer basket. The vast majority of pollution in pool water is in the top few inches of pool water. To combat this, your surface skimmer needs to work efficiently.

2. Your pool circulation pump may also incorporate a basket. Your filtration system will not work effectively if the pump strainer basket becomes blocked. As with the skimmer basket, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Before removing the pump strainer basket, switch off the pump motor before using the two valves to isolate the water flow on both sides of the pump. If your pool filter incorporates a Multi Port valve, you should put it in to the “Closed” position, close the valve on the suction side of the pump before removing the lid of the pump strainer basket. Remove, clean and replace the strainer basket, fully tighten the pump lid and switch the Multiport valve back into the filter position and re-open the isolator valves before switching on the pump motor. Read your pool installation manual before starting up the pump; some pumps need to be primed before filling the strainer pump with water before they can be started.


This article was published on Monday 14 February, 2011.
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