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Multiforma was founded in 1972 with the goal of applying the new materials (fibre glass and polyester resins) to new and innovative applications such as the manufacturing of quality swimming pools.

The success of the idea allowed Multiforma, from its same foundation, to start a successful growing process which early placed the company as the leader of the sector in terms of company structure, technical and commercial capacity, client service and, especially, in terms of product quality.

Today Multiforma has the largest European facilities for the manufacturing of Fibre Glass Reinforced Swimming Pools belonging to a group, ACTION PARK MULTIFORMA GRUPO S.L., which offers the widest range of services in the European water leisure market.

The delivery package includes-

  • Moulded fully fitted glass fibre reinforced polyester pool with moulded-in steps
  • A pre-plumbed and fitted in fibreglass housing containing
  • Hi-Rate Sand Filter
  • Pump and Motor (Self Priming)
  • Electrical Control Box & timer
  • PVC Skimmer(s), Low suction point Photo: (1) Pump Box
  • Return nozzle(s) and Vacuum Point
  • Water Test Kit
  • Standard Cleaning Equipment: Vacuum hose,
  • Vacuum head, Brush, Leaf Net, Telescopic Handle.

Delivery & Installation

The pool arrives as a one piece seamless moulding, which gives the best assurance against leaks over any other type of pool - as it has no seams or joints to fail.

Delivery is by our transporters which have a large on-board cranes to deliver the pool directly into the excavation to complete the installation. We provide comprehensive installation diagrams & instructions and offer help and advice at all times.

Once we have lowered the pool into the excavation, completion is straightforward using clear diagrams and descriptive instructional material supplied.

Ext. Length  Ext. Width    Max. Depth Slope Design and Profile
10.20 4.10  1.00/2.00  12%
 Delta niños
lta niños



Installation Guide: -


Mark out the site
Make a concrete base

Unloading with a crane

Positioning and fix the pool
Install the filtration system

Backfill the perimeter


Finishing with
coping stones of paving



Check equipment
and start-up



The above prices are inclusive of VAT but delivery is extra.

The filtration equipment can be pre fitted with pipe work and valves in a lockable fibre glass box. This is an additional £749.00




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