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The  Snug - With Gas Heater













Hand Crafted Hot Tub.

Enjoy your garden all year round, in a natural wood tub that looks good in your surroundings.

Unwind in your own home, away from the TV.

Rustic Tubs brings relaxation to you.

Model The Snug With Gas Heater.

Approx - Size L = 5` 6" x W = 2`10" x H = 2`4"

Price includes heater, lid, VAT and delivery.






For those little nigglie problems:

· The tubs normally leak for the first 24hrs, but after this, swelling will have occurred enough for the tub not to leak very much.

· The wooden tub takes around 1 hour to fill from a tap, using a hose.

· There is a drain at the bottom of the tub to empty it, similar to a normal bath.

· The tub is 5'6" long, 2'10" wide and 2'4" tall.

· The depth of water in the tub is 2'.

· The banding is stainless steel.

· The sides of the tub are tapered slightly.

· The water can be kept sterilised using Hydrogen Peroxide.

· The water can be emptied out after each use, and is fit to water the plants.

· Oil can be used on the outside of the tub.


These tubs are lovingly hand-built out of Red Cedar in the UK.  

At less than half the price of my nearest competitor, you are getting great value.Delivery is available anywhere in the UK.

All tubs come with a 2 year warranty on parts and workmanship.



The tub can be heated using one of 2 methods.

  • Wood fire
  • Propane Heater


This tub is very affordable and does including gas or wood,

whichever is your choice and your preferred method of heating and a wooden lid.


Heating time Approx. 2hrs

Your garden will be transformed by this fantastic outdoor luxury, perfect for relaxing alone or with a friend.

Whether you are hot-tubbing in the heat of summer or the darkest depths of winter, you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your tub in the familiar surroundings of your own garden, patio or balcony.

Relax alone in your tub after a hard day, or invite a friend around to enjoy a sociable drink from the warmth of your tub.

  • We will deliver your Tub by Pallet delivery.

  • There are 2 holes that require drilling into the Tub, these are drilled all depending on where you wish the heater and the tub to be sited.

  • The drill bit is supplied.


Heating options 1.

click **Fire Precautions** click

This heater design has come from Japan, and fabricated locally.

This heater is very efficient, heating the water from cold in approx 2hrs.

This wood fired chofu heater produces 14.9 kW of heat, so a small tub can be heated in approx 2 hours from cold.




Heating options 2.

click **Fire Precautions** click



This Propane Heater is an amazing way of heating your Japanese Bath.

Built in Japan, it is the perfect companion for your Ofuro.

This heater uses 1kg of gas per hour and will heat your tub in 2hrs.

There is a timer installed in the heater so you can walk away from your tub, knowing when you come back it will be at the perfect temperature!

This wood fired chofu heater produces 14.9 kW of heat, so a small tub can be heated in approx 2 hours from cold.





Not so hard to transport either!!.





Please allow 2 - 8 weeks for build and delivery of the hot tub.

This all depends on productivity levels.