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Crystal Enterprises Heat Pump *13Kw*













Do not let the price of this product fool you, they are quality. Our heater pumps can be used both in the Summer and Winter seasons, as they are fitted with "Auto-Defrost System" (see PDF specs sheet) but must be sited outside.

**NEW for 2015**

Crystal Enterprises Heat Pump

Heating/Cooling Auto Conversion Kits.



Crystal Heat pumps can now be converted to operate automatically, switching between  heating  or cooling as necessary.

 This is ideal for Polytunnel users and pond applications.


 For example,  

            1) A customer in Cornwall was using a Polytunnel  as his pool enclosure, his pool water achieved 40 degrees during summer. This will have degraded his liner and would lead to the liner requiring replacement much earlier than necessary. If the customer had our heat pump auto conversion kit on his heat pump, the heat pump would have sensed that the water was higher than the set parameters and switched  into cooling mode automatically. Therefore holding and maintaining the water at the desired temperature.


            2) A  pond customer, whilst  working in the Hydroponics field, lost all his fish due a detrimental temperature rise in the water.

In this situation, during the summer, the pond could potentially over heat and kill the fish.

If one of our heat pump auto conversion kits were fitted, this would enable a more stable temperature to be maintained with a differential of 3 degrees (1.5 degrees either side of the desired temperature).


Crystal  Auto Conversion Kits are available on request at a cost of

                                                 £125 plus delivery.

These conversion kits can be applied to all Crystal Heat Pumps young or old across all models.

The kit should to be fitted by a competent / qualified person.

N* B*

It is strongly recommended that the heat pump is checked periodically at times of extreme temperatures due to possible unforeseen circumstances. 




Customer Testimonials Letter/E-Mail Pictures of set up
Russell Brown E-Mail           Intex pool set up.
Customer Testimonials & Efficiency of Unit


from Active Air.


Jared Oakley

from Oakley Technical Support Ltd.


Mark Denford

a refrigeration Engineer.


Mark Lingard



Marilyn Gray

8.5Kw Heat Pump


Adam Thrower

5.5Kw Heat Pump




Colin Gill

8.5Kw Heat Pump


Paul O'Brien

2 x 13kw heat pumps

So our customers do not have any nasty surprises when their warranty has expired with prices of Spare Parts. We have posted the Spare Parts Lists.
Highlighted Spare Parts are what Spare Parts are in stock at present and are plus U.K. Postage. If the Spare Parts are not in stock, then shipping WILL be extra because of special order and import.
Easy/Fast fit 1.5"/50mm Connections
"LCD" Display
Warranty = 1 year on machine and 2 years on the Titanium Heat Exchanger. In the unlikely event that there are any warranty issues, we will have the part sent out to the customer for their own qualified electrician to install.
Please winterise properly other wise WARRANTY will be void.
As with any heater pump it is advisable, if budget allows, to get the model that is double the size you need.
This will then heat your pool in approximately half the time and cope with the volume of pool water more easily.
· Added *BONUS* these unit's can be wired to your swimming pool pump to also operate the pump.
· Please ask for the *WIRING* diagram when you buy your heat pump if this is of interest.
For more Technical Specifications and different "C.O.P." rating scenario's
**Please use magnifier in the "PDF" tool bar to get a better view**
** Possible Pool Volume for ambient air temperatures @ 24º and 15º-
If you have any trouble opening the PDF files please let us know and we will send them to you in an e-mail.
**3.5Kw/5.5Kw and 8.5Kw Now Supplied ready for the European market with Euro electrical connector and UK mains fused adaptor.**
** Advised K.w & pool volume based on ambient air temp @ 24ºC (with insulated pool cover) **
**For advised C.O.P. and K.W. at 15ºC and 8ºC please see specs sheet.**
** Prices are inclusive of VAT (at prevailing rate) and pallet delivery please supply contact Tel. No.**
Please E-mail us your interest or telephone us as we carry a limited stock.
If we do not have your specific model in stock, an order secured with a 20% deposit will guarantee prevailing price and shipment order. Shipment can take between 1 & 3 months.