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Crystal Mini 4Kw Heat Pump
Crystal "Mini" Heat Pumps
These heat pumps are inverters with a potential 
COP of 12 at 26 degrees C ambient air temperature.
Wi-Fi connectivity included as standard
Drip tray heater as standard.
Operate down to minus 20 degrees C.
Great for hot tubs, small pools less than 18.5m3/18,500 litres.
Also good for pond grow on tanks, quarantine tanks 
up to 1000 gallon at minus 20 to maintain 10/12 degrees C.
If you require a higher temp please use less volume of water, 
cover (Polycarbonate) and insulation is highly recommended.
The dimensions of these machines are just;
400mm x 280mm x 385mm
And they weigh just 20KG plus packing!!!
These units are supplied and fitted with a plug and should be plugged into an
RCD protected socket if placed outside.also 2 x hosetails 
for 1.25" or 1.5" Flexible tubing.
Tubing not supplied.
Rigid Pipework fittings can also be Supplied if
requested at the time of ordering.
Mini Specs



 All "completed" Warranty Registration paperwork,

Installation paperwork and  

photos must be returned to Crystal Enterprises Ltd

as per the "T&C`s".  

The 2 years warranty, on "Manufacturer fault ONLY", the unit will be swapped out, to a UK Mainland address only.

 2 year Titanium heat exchanger warranty on "Manufacturer fault ONLY". 

2 year compressor warranty

on "Manufacturer fault ONLY".


International Warranty: -

MINI Unit 

All "completed" Warranty Registration paperwork,

Installation paperwork and photos must be returned

to Crystal Enterprises Ltd as per the "T&C`s". 

The 2 year warranty, on "Manufacturer fault ONLY", the unit will be swapped out, to a UK Mainland address only. 

If a swap out is to be shipped outside the UK Mainland, the customer pays the International Shipping cost for both the return and replacement units. 

For repairs requiring an engineer then customer returns the unit to Crystal Enterprises for Repair.

Customer pays "ALL" transport costs.


To View "FULL" Terms and Conditions please see: -