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Regent Range - 12ft Round (3.6M) with Standard Kit













Doughboy Regent




Doughboy pools are the single most adaptable pools on the market today. Whether you want an above-ground pool or an in-ground look, Doughboy has the answer. Unparalleled strength and quality have been legendary all over the world since Doughboy invented for first portable pool over 55 years ago. With the largest variety of styles, shapes, sizes and depths, Doughboy has the perfect pool for your family’s fun while enhancing the beauty of your garden.

If your ideal garden includes an inground pool but your budget just doesn't allow for it - Doughboy Pools has the solution! Our Doughboy Regent Inground Pool can be installed by you! All our Doughboy pools come complete with installation instructions.

The Top of the Range Regent is a new affordable pool with a combination of resin and steel using the highest quality materials and technology. The COM-PAC™OVAL Support System is used vs the buttress side supports used on many other pool designs.

Resin and steel construction make the Regent the perfect affordable inground swimming pool. The COM-PAC™OVAL Support System provides years of outdoor leisure. Inground pool kit includes, Stainless Steel Ladder, Free Chemical Kit.

We know the number one reason people buy a pool is to build memories - so we build our pools to last for a "Lifetime of Memories".

Doughboy Inground pools have a Manufacturers 20 Year Limited Warranty on ALL Components that are installed in the ground for the Inground Installation!

In addition, we also offer a pool package that can be added to your pool order to complete your backyard oasis! You also have choice of pool liner. Please visit our  Doughboy Pool Accessories  page to view items that will help complete your Dream garden.

The Doughboy Regent above ground swimming pool offers:

Free delivery to UK mainland

  • 6 inch RESIN Top Rails

  • 52-Inch Pool Wall Depth

  • Can be installed Above or In the Ground.

  • Plain Blue Liner

STANDARD Doughboy Pool KIT includes:

  • Pool Structure
  • Liner
  • Deluxe Sand Filter
  • Skimmer & Return
  • Pool Ladder A-Frame or Deck Ladder

SUPER Doughboy Pool KIT includes:

  • Pool Structure
  • Liner
  • Deluxe Sand Filter Pump
  • Skimmer & Return
  • Pool Ladder A-Frame or Deck Ladder
  • Solar Cover
  • Pool Manual
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Chemical Starter Kit

Stronger Than The Rest

Liners - Doughboy's exclusive Therma-SealTM technology, a proprietary fusion method, provides superior sealing for maximum strength and quality. Also, our liner formulation process uses low-temperature plastizers and stabilizers to assure low-temperature flexibility and durability. We are so confident in our liner seam technology that we back all our seams with a 100% lifetime warranty.

Walls - Our walls are 30-60 lbs. heavier than other brands and have deep, balanced corrugation which offers flexibility and vertical depth. In fact, we offer more corrugation per inch than any other brand.

Slide Bar Wall Connector - Unlike nuts and bolts, our exclusive slide-bar wall connector continuously joins the pool walls together for complete structural integrity while preserving (rather than piercing) the layers of wall protection.

Vertical End Caps - Made from 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel, our vertical end caps are 50% heavier than most brands. We also use exact, pre-punched holes that allow for a more precise installation and added stability.

Fact or Fiction - Buyer Beware

Don’t be fooled by some of the tricks pool manufacturers play. Get the real facts on the pools you’re shopping and you’ll see the real Doughboy Difference!

Installation - The Doughboy pool can be installed by you! All our pools come with a full installation set of Installation Instructions. In addition, Doughboy Pools offer post-sale support during your installation.

True Dimensions - When Doughboy gives you a pool dimension it is a "true" size based on the inside pool wall, vertical or top rail - not a wrap-around measurement.

Vertical End Caps - We use exact, pre-punched holes that assure structural integrity and allow for a more precise installation versus slotted holes that can weaken the stability of a pool. Test and compare us to other brands by vigorously shaking the top rail of a Doughboy pool. You can feel the stability!

Verticals and Top Rails - Count the number of verticals and top rails and compare. We provide more than any other brand, increasing the strength and lifetime performance.

Liners - All Doughboy liners exceed industry standards for weight and thickness and are a "True Mil" measure. Don't be confused by the "gauge" game our competitors play. Some will call their liner 20 gauge or 20 weight when they really only measure 15 Mil (.015") in thickness or less. Ask your dealer to actually weigh a Doughboy liner versus the other manufacturers'.


Manual for round pool


Manual for oval pool


Inground installation

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