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Small Pool Starter Kit with Multifunctional 12`or below











Small Pool Starter Kit with Multifunctional Tablets


Pool Size: 12ft or less in diameter

This is an alternative option to our basic pool starter kit. The only difference between the two is the kit contains Multifunctional tablets as oppose to chlorine tablets. The multifunctional tablets maintain all the features of chlorine tablets whilst also adding algaecide and flocculant into your pool. The kit also contains granules to shock your pool and pH adjustment chemicals to keep the correct level of pH.

Each kit contains:
  • 1 kg 20g Multifunctional Tablets
  • 1 kg stabilised chlorine granules
  • 1 kg pH increaser
  • 1.5 kg ph decreaser
  • 1 Floating mini dispenser
  • 100ml Scoop
  • 4 Way free chlorine test strips (50 strips)
  • Instructions on how to use

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