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Small Starter Kit for Under 12ft Dia Pools










Small Kit Range (Under 12ft Dia)


The amount of chemicals in all our kits, with the exception of the basic pool chemical kit, is sufficient to keep your pool clear for a normal British summer. The basic kit is the same as many of our competitors and only contains the minimum amount of chemicals.

If your budget will stand it we recommend kits which have tablets and a floating dispenser.
There are two main reasons for this;
· When the chlorine is dosed from a dispenser a small amount is constantly being added so the water is much less likely to go green.
· The dispenser can be left in the pool when it isn’t in use. Therefore you do not have to keep manually adding chlorine. This significantly reduces the amount of time you spend looking after your pool.

These kits are suitable for above ground pools which have a diameter of 12ft or under.
Pool Size: 12ft or less in diameter

A Basic Starter Kit for pools of 12 foot diameter or less. Our kits contain both chlorine granules and tablets. The tablets are placed in a floating dispenser allowing them to dissolve slowly giving a constant small dose of chlorine. The granules are used to shock the water if it has gone off after being left or heavy usage.
Each kit contains:
  • 1 kg stabilised chlorine 20 gram mini tablets
  • 1 kg stabilised chlorine granules
  • 1 kg pH increaser
  • 1.5 kg ph decreaser
  • 1 Floating mini dispenser
  • 4 way free chlorine test strips (50 strips)
  • Instructions on how to use

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