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Thermalec Heaters - 36KW 3 Phase









Thermalec Electric Heater 36KW

"Three Phase"



Wake up with a warm smile and benefit from minimal costs - and low up keep!

Every Thermalec owner wakes up to find that the pool water is just as inviting as it was yesterday and the day before.

That is the great advantage of having a positive and powerful heating system.

That smile also comes from knowing that keeping the pool at an even temperature all summer long will not have cost as much as other systems because both the heating and the filtration will have been carried out using Economy 7 only.

Satisfaction too in knowing how little the heater cost to buy and maintain.

The greatest Advance in Pool heating - Thermalec + E7 + Solar Cover

The introduction and almost universal acceptance of the use of the floating solar blanket has been the greatest advance we have seen in over 30 years of specialising in pool heating. The blanket allows the Sun's rays to penetrate deeply into the water. It also seals the surface preventing evaporation and cutting heat loss night and day - halving the running cost.


Thermalec Heating Cost Graph

Most heating systems will start to heat in the early morning unaware that the Sun will do all the work necessary and so they start to heat while the Sun is out - wasting energy competing with the Sun.

Because the Thermalec operates only during the Economy 7 period, starting at about midnight, it's very sensitive control thermostat can detect exactly how well the water has been warmed by natural means, then makes sure the pool is exactly at the temperature you have set for your morning dip.

After a warm day it may not have to heat at all, but after a dull day it may run for most of the night. During a typical summer it will operate for 3 or 4 hours on average, after the initial warm up period at the beginning of the season.

Most people we talk to do not realise that a pool only alters in temperature 2 or 3 degrees in 24 hours, but being a large mass of water it is thermally very stable. Consequently, heating a pool by night is the perfect way of using Economy 7 which is now much less than half-price electricity - much nearer 1/3rd of the daytime rate.

The Thermalec utilises this power in the most economical way possible. Unlike a storage heater, which heats its core up to a very high temperature, much of which heat must be given off during the following day - The Thermalec simply heats its storage medium, the water you swim in, to the exact temperature you want to swim in and not one degree more.

Thermalec Diagram







1. Heating Elements
(always fully submerged)

2. Air passes safely above the elements)

3. Curved base
(swept clean of scale and sediment).



Model Imperial
75°F 80°F 85°F
3kw 63 1750 50 1400 42 1170
6kw 125 3500 100 2800 83 2340
7.5kw 156 4370 125 3500 104 2920
9kw 188 5250 150 4200 125 3500
12kw 250 7000 200 5600 167 4670
15kw 313 8750 250 7000 208 5840
18kw 375 10500 300 8400 250 7000
21kw 438 12250 350 9800 292 8170
24kw 500 14000 400 11200 334 9340

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