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Thread/Lenses for Concrete Pools











Fibre Optic Pool Lights

 Lenses for Concrete Pools P.O.A.

(Product # 25389)

Lights 2" Male thread. Inside diameter 50mm.

Supplied with both Flat lens and Concave lens.


The whole range of projectors are manufactured in white ABS and are all easily installed by means of bushings or by gluing. They are supplied with two lenses, the concave lens with a wider opening of the illumination angle, and the flat lens, more common in spas and small pools. With the lenses a superior finish is obtained, and installation is simplified. Furthermore, the projectors incorporate an Astralpool white or chrome trim, and have standard connections. There are different projector models available according to the type of pool, whether concrete, prefabricated in FV, acrylic and liner.

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