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Bromine 20g Tablets 5kgs











5Kg Bromine 20g Tablets.


Order will come as 5 x 1kg tubs



Dosing Method
Benefits for Spas
Bromo- chloro- dimethyl hydantoin (BCDMH)
Sanitiser for spas. Can be used as a sanitiser for pools as an alternative to chlorine.
For spas place tablets in a floating dispenser. For pools bromine can be placed in the skimmer basket, dosed through a dispenser or used with a brominator. NEVER place directly into the pool or spa.
(1) Less volatile at the high temperatures which spas operate. (2) Does not produce chlorine smells. (3) Slow dissolving so they will provide a constant bromine dose at all times. (4) Reduces the amount of manual dosing needed.


Chemical Name: Bromo-chloro-dimethyl-hydantoin (BCDMH).
Description: A Bromine tablet about 1 inch across used in brominators or floating dispensers. Suitable for spas and indoor pools. All our Bromine Tablets are packed in convenient tubes containing 5 tablets.
Sizes Available: 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg (Select below)

Dosing Instructions
  • For spas put 5 tablets in a floating dispenser and adjust the collar accordingly. They will take 10-14 days to dissolve.
  • Maintain a bromine level of 3-6 ppm.