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Rainbow \"In\" Line Feeder / Chlorine or Bromine











Rainbow clear sided "IN-LINE" chlorine feeder

Inline Feeders

An inline chlorinator is one that plumbs right into the piping on the return side, after all the equipment.  It is relatively easy to install because you just have to cut the piping and glue it in just like a coupling or a tee.  

The downside to this type of chlorinator is that it frequently has flow problems.  The chlorinator has a "scoop" which grabs some of the water and forces it up and into the chlorinator.  

The problem is that sometimes the flow is not adequate to push the water up and into the chlorinator and establish a sufficient flow to properly erode the tablets.  In addition, the chlorinator tends to build up an air pocket in it, and tablets do not dissolve in air (obviously), and only the bottom tablet might dissolve, thereby greatly reducing the chlorine output.  You also run a higher probability of developing chlorine gas inside the unit.



**Please be aware that a plastic Non-Return Valve must be installed immediately before any Chlorine dispensing units.**