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Pool Build Help


Winterising Your Pool


If your Above Ground Pool is the inflatable type, you will probably be best to empty the water and store the pool for the winter months.

Most rigid wall pools are best left in place over the winter, don’t be tempted to dump the pool water and leave the pool empty over the winter, this will damage to the Liner and potentially damage the structure of your pool.

Read the installation manual supplied with your pool to determine the correct winterising procedure for your pool. Freezing temperatures will damage your pool equipment if you fail to winterise your pool correctly.

Your pool pump, filter, heater and pipe work, if left full of water, will probably suffer irrepairable damage. Replacements will prove expensive. Pool professionals usually carry out the following procedure when shutting down pools:

1. Vacuum your pool thoroughly.

2. Lower the pool water level to approximately 1 foot below the skimmer.

3. Adjust pH if necessary; the ideal pH for a pool about to be winterised is between 7.4 and 7.6

4. Super-chlorinate pool water to approximately 10ppm (you will need to add Stabilised Chlorine Granules at a rate of 20g per 1000l of pool water).

5. Add a dedicated Winterising product to your pool water. (e.g. Cleaner Winter). These products have been formulated to prevent algae from thriving over the winter months and will help keep the water clean until you open up your pool in the spring.

6. Disconnect electrical supply to pump and heater. Remove the fuse. If possible, remove the circulation pump and store in a place that is unlikely to experience sub zero temperatures.

7. Drain pool filter, heater and all pipe work.

8. Plug or tape all exposed pipes to prevent rainwater entering the system. Even a small amount of water can cause damage in a particularly harsh winter.

9. Remove pool ladder.

10. Place several sealed plastic containers on the pool water (e.g. Empty plastic mineral water bottles). Use string to ensure that that at least one of the containers remains in the centre of the pool This will minimise the risk of damage to your pool from ice.

11. Place an empty plastic mineral bottle in the skimmer.

12. Fit Winter Debris Cover.